We understand that governance in the education sector can play an important role in issues of access to and quality of education. Corruption can undermine the fabric of education systems from the national to the school level, and often translates into additional costs for parents wanting to send their children to school, exacerbating equity issues and depriving the most vulnerable children of their rights to education.

We have worked with international NGOs and national Ministries of Education in sub-Saharan Africa and Central, South and South East Asia to provide technical assistance and research, and to develop the capacity of community members, teachers and ministry staff to improve good governance practices and improve transparency and accountability in the education sector.

We have undertaken a range of consultancy services in education and governance, including:

  • Research studies, literature reviews and governance capacity assessments
  • Capacity development for effective governance and accountability mechanisms
  • Design and development of accountability and governance systems and tools for projects, programmes and sectors
  • Monitoring and evaluation of governance structures and systems