Management information systems


EfC has a long track record in the development and integration of management information systems (MIS) that support effective data analysis, monitoring, management and organisational and sectoral operations. 

We work with organisations and ministries in the education and cultural sectors in designing and developing a wide range of needs-driven MIS, covering the technical, professional and social aspects of developing effective systems that are sustainable and fit for purpose.

EfC also recognises that developing an MIS is not an end in itself, but rather the first step in supplying data for stronger evidence-based policy and decision-making. We provide support in developing capacities to use MIS data to their full potential and to facilitate the integration of accurate, relevant and timely data into policy, programming and decision-making processes.

We offer a range of consultancy services in MIS, including the following:

  • Needs and capacity assessments for MIS
  • Design and development of MIS infrastructure and data collection processes in the education and culture sectors
  • Capacity development in the technical operation of MIS and data analysis
  • Supporting the use of data in policy and decision-making processes