Strategy and Policy

Textbook policy in South SudanEfC specialises in working with national ministries of education and international organisations to develop and implement sectoral and organisational education strategies and policies. 

Fostering national, organisational and local ownership and commitment to policies and strategies is critical for their effective implementation and is central to our approach. Whenever possible, EfC carries out participatory, iterative consultations with stakeholders at all levels (from the national to the school and community level) to identify issues, promote discussion and facilitate the development of realistic, relevant strategy or policy documents.

We offer a range of consultancy services for education policy and strategy development, including:

  • Situational analysis and capacity assessments to inform policy and strategy development
  • Participatory policy and strategy development for organisations and education sector and sub-sector areas
  • Policy and strategy review and revision
  • Development of implementation plans for policies and strategies
  • Design and development of monitoring and evaluation frameworks linked to policies and strategies